Who is That Redhead?

Hi! I’m That Redhead. My name is Christiana Joy. Welcome to my blog and website! I’m glad you found me and I hope you’ll stay a while (or forever, that’s cool too). Let’s get to know each other. I’ll start first.

I work as an actress, model, and writer. And I sing if you ask nicely. Depending on the day I’m either doing one of those things and maybe all of them! I’m a natural redhead. I love an adventure and I seek to find as many as I can.


I’m a lifelong resident of Chicago and I love to travel. So far Chicago always tugs my heartstrings to return. Seriously, though, I’d travel anywhere and everywhere if given the choice. I find it energizing and thrilling to expand my horizons, meet new people, and try new things.

Engagement Shoot in Chicago.

I love fashion and personal style, done ethically. Ethical consumerism is a focus and you can read more about that here. I think that personal style, when done right, can be incredibly empowering. I also believe that consumers should be empowered to make conscious choices about who they support, where their fashion comes from, and the impact it makes globally and locally. Check out my sidebar for “That Redhead Recommends,” a growing list of businesses that I personally endorse.

I am inspired by many things but my current obsessions include splashes of color, classic shapes made modern, happy prints and patterns, mixing expensive pieces with thrifted and vintage finds, and lots of high heels. Designers and lines that I am drawn to include Kate Spade, JCrew, Marc Jacobs, Jonathan Adler, Tory Burch, and Alexander McQueen. In the end, a big dose of confidence and a smidge of irreverence will get you anywhere!

I believe in finding joy anywhere, everywhere, constantly. Such determined optimism rubs some the wrong way but everything wonderful that has happened in my life has been because I’ve chosen an attitude of gratitude. Did I mention I have a pretty great husband? I thank all my lucky stars and shamrocks for him. We met on St. Patrick’s Day, we got married in August 2013, and you can see our feature on Style Me Pretty.

A few last random details: I’m unashamedly nerdy with a large helping of sass. I have a rather big mouth and a lot of opinions and sometimes they get me in trouble. I love a good book just as much as I love a good movie. I prefer to dance and do yoga to keep fit. I take a lot of photos (hello, Instagram!). I take a sick pleasure in facing my fears (heights, deep water), which up until now have included climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower via stairs, zip-lining in Jamaica, learning to scuba dive, and jumping off a 50 foot cliff into the ocean. Who knows what will happen next?

That Redhead with a ginger kitty cat.

I am a food snob and wine lover but enjoy slumming it with fake cheese at a baseball game. I take joy in the small things in life like my obsession with Ugly Dolls. I have been known to hug trees. I am not afraid to Happy Dance when appropriate or not. I choose to believe in the good in the world and in people. My mom calls me “Christiana Pollyanna” and that’s apt for me at my best.

Please stick around and introduce yourself! :)