Spotlight: ThredUp, Reinventing the Secondhand Scene

I am excited to announce that I am going to start throwing light on brands and companies that are doing sustainable fashion right and making ethical consumerism look chic and easy.

For my first feature, I’d like to shout out a company I’ve only recently discovered: ThredUp. It’s one of those fantastic success stories that inspire. The founder and CEO, James Reinhart realized one day that he didn’t like any of his clothes despite having many of them. In his words he started ThredUp “because I believed there had to be a better way to manage all the clothing I was no longer wearing. And if I had this problem as a guy, women must have it way worse!”

Well, James, you’re right. It’s even harder for women, as I’ve catalogued here on my blog. Apart from the other statistics that I’ve posted here and here, according to ThredUp “Women, on average, spend $1,700 a year on clothing. Despite that expense, they are only wearing about 20% of their wardrobes!” Yikes!!

Enter James and his brilliant business idea to rethink pre-owned clothing. It’s pretty simple: ThredUp buys clothes in excellent condition from you and sells them at discounted prices to other people who would like to have designer labels for less and lessen their environmental impact. No need to go hunting through the racks at your local thrift store, unless you dig that sort of thing. Anything that ThredUp decides not to sell, they donate for you unless you pay extra to have it sent back to you. Believe it or not, this company is only going on 14 months old! By their last calculation, they have already upcycled over 1.5 MILLION pounds of unwanted items that might have otherwise ended up in the trash or collecting dust.

As soon as I heard about this company, I knew I had to get on board. I ordered my first “closet clean out” bag and it arrived a few days later, packaged ingeniously with full instructions. I’m amazed to say that even though I have been purging stuff regularly since my big move in March, the green polka-dotted bag is already halfway filled with stuff. Once I’m finished with it, I simply seal it up and either give it to my postal carrier or drop it off at at FedEx Office location. That’s it! They’ll get back to me with an offer for the clothes they accept and I can take store credit or cash.

That Redhead recommends cleaning out your closet with ThredUp! That Redhead recommends cleaning out your closet with ThredUp!

And, even more exciting, I also ordered two super cute items that are arriving later this week. Stay tuned for an official ThredUp-styled outfit! I can’t wait to show you how chic secondhand fashion can be!

Want to clean out your closet and get cash? Looking for Kate Spade (my favorite!), Tory Burch, Coach, and other designer items for much, much less? And moms, did I mention that they also do kids’ clothes? Check out ThredUp and let me know how it goes!

Like-new clothes from brands you love! Up to 90% off retail.

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