New Blog Design and Layout!

I’m excited to reveal the rebranding for That Redhead! I’ve been working on a redesign for quite some time and looked at many, many different themes and layouts to get the job done.

Here’s a screenshot of the current homepage before I posted this update:

Modern Blogger theme from Pretty Darn Cute Designs. Genesis framework for WordPress sites.


In the end, after much searching, I decided to convert my WordPress site to the Genesis framework. I’ve heard nothing but great things and can now speak to just how easy it is to work with. There are many free themes available that work with Genesis but in the end, I decided to purchase a theme from Pretty Darn Cute Design and start customizing it. This was probably the most affordable way to go about a change like this, so long as you are somewhat web-savvy and can follow simple instructions. It was so easy and took less than a day’s efforts to make this shift with zero glitches.

I haven’t even begun to tap the full potential that Genesis offers, especially in terms of SEO (search engine optimization), but those are lessons I am looking forward to learn.

In my previous theme, I didn’t like that the sidebar and subscription button disappeared within individual blog posts and that isn’t an issue any more. I also decided the header, while cute, was a little too big and took up too much of the page, which is not recommended in any guide to blog design I’ve ever read. Problem solved! I might eventually come up with a custom logo but for now I am content with the clean lines and simplicity.

What do you think? Do you like the new look?


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