Lemons into Lemonade

It seems the longer I work on my blog and my other adventures in self-promotion, the more I learn. Sometimes I learn technical things related to managing a self-hosted website and blog and integrating social media, other times I get fancy life lessons.

That first sentence up there is such an obvious “DUH” that I want to go back and delete it. But it’s true and even though it’s an insultingly redundant statement I’m not exactly sure how else to say it. Oh well!

Did you notice the new blog header? Pretty sweet, right? I made it myself last weekend at about, oh, ONE in the morning when I was supposed to be asleep because I had a full day ahead of me? Sounds about right. I don’t know why Creativity can’t come knocking at about 10 a.m. or so when the whole day is available but for me it never comes until there’s some sort of deadline, pressure, or something else I should be doing instead. Creativity and I need to have a little talk.

The “lemons into lemonade” thing that I mentioned, though, has more to do with the shoot that lead to the photos above which eventually became the header image. It’s funny now but I thought the shoot was a total loss. The hair and makeup artist who contacted me to ask for my involvement and did the great job left totally frustrated with the photographer. I won’t get into all of that but I will say that it was supposed to be shot for her bridal lookbook for 2013. And that we somehow ended up with no wedding dresses to shoot in. And we ended up with too many models (rare problem!) scheduled too close together. I think she was fit to be tied. In any case, I did my best since that’s all that I could do. I brought two white dresses of my own to wear and my own jewelry for her to style. I was sympathetic to both parties and tried to enjoy myself at the shoot. And then it was over and I left.

I was so convinced that it was a total wash that I didn’t even look at the photos online until the photographer reminded me that they were there. This was all during the holidays so I wasn’t too concerned with updating much of anything on any profile at the time. When I finally DID look at the folder of images online I knew instantly that they were totally wrong for the portfolio of someone trying to show potential brides what they could look like. The images of me and the other models just don’t look “bridal” enough and many potential clients just can’t mentally translate pretty images into “oh, this is a wedding look” without the wedding dress and accessories. Bummer.

But, hey, there’s some fun shots in there after all! The image on the far right is certainly a great headshot for my commercial and lifestyle modeling portfolio because it’s pretty and all-American. And then the right side of my brain turned on and started thinking about my blog. This is a blog that’s all about ME, after all? About a redheaded girl who loves life and being joyful while working as an actress and model? It dawned on me that my previous header of gorgeous designer shoes maybe missed the mark a bit. People don’t look at you and remember your shoes, they remember your face. Eureka!! With Photoshop whirring and Pandora humming some chill music, I edited and retouched and arranged until I got just what I wanted. The colors for the text I pulled right out of my necklace and my hair.

New lesson learned: Nothing is a waste of time if you can take something from it. I met a really cool hair and makeup artist and I got some images that work in ways that no one expected. Total fail translated into a total win!

Spill It!!