Getting the Ball Rolling

It is a rainy, crappy day in Chicago. There is a Bears game tonight but I am working. It’s Monday. I’m sore from my weekend workouts (abs are off-limits for a day or two). I have a mild headache which always happens when it rains. These are all reasons that normally I’d decide to just waste the day and wait on the couch until I had to drag myself to work. And yet! Here I am, posting on my blog. I am so pleased with myself for getting work done in spite of my usual desire to hibernate in the gloomy weather.

I dragged myself out of bed after browing Pinterest for a while. I straightened up the apartment for our housekeeper and made myself breakfast. I read some Facebook updates and turned on Pandora. When our housekeeper arrived I grabbed my laptop and headed downstairs to the Business Center in my building. Free WIFI and a comfy armchair awaited. With my trusty headphones and my iPhone at my side, I got to work. I responded to a few emails before I dove in.

I finished installing a plugin which will allow me to monitor visits to my website and where they are coming from. I installed a social media plugin that helped me to create the new widgets to the right of this post. Now readers can not only subscribe by email but find me on Pinterest, Twitter, and a brand spankin’ new Facebook page that I created to be separate from my personal page. Delightful! Let the networking begin. This is all new to me, of course. I’ve never had a website before this, let alone one that contained my original content and I built from scratch. Learning how to install plugins and work with widgets was gibberish to me just yesterday and now I’ve taught myself something new. Each little bit of work I do leads to some new discovery and even though it’s made me tear out my hair in frustration (last week’s challenge was embedding that damn YouTube video properly), I eventually do figure it out and then have a laugh at how easy it is.

So here’s to being a grownup and doing Hard Stuff on rainy days when you’d rather stay in the super comfy bed with your stuffed hippo. Don’t even try to tell me you haven’t been there before.


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