-What’s with all the talk about JOY?

My middle name is Joy! I’ve always found joy to be a vital part of life and it’s something that I strive for. I believe that if you work to find the joy in the mundane, everyday, and even the challenging and crappy, happiness will surely follow. Random rainstorm? Enjoy the opportunity to move slower or wait it out and watch other people run through the raindrops. No one can control the weather so why complain? I am so far away from being 100% at this but making an effort automatically puts you ahead of the curve and makes you better company for everyone you come across.

-So, you’re an actress and a model. What’s that like?

I am still in what I consider a “growing” stage of my career. This means lots of networking and lots of auditions! I’m always on the lookout for mutually beneficial working relationships and mentorships in the industry. I’m always on the lookout for the next gig or the next opportunity. It’s hard work in a hard industry but I genuinely enjoy it. Think I might be a great fit for your upcoming project? Email me! christiana (at) thatredhead (dot) com

-Are you a natural redhead?

Yes. Both of my parents are natural redheads. I have two sisters and we each have a different shade of naturally red hair. Growing up I never realized that redheads were rare (we even had an orange family dog and a strawberry blonde cat) and it took until college before I realized how unique my family really is. I come from a wacky and wonderful branch on the family tree.

-Have you always lived in Chicago?

In a way, yes. I grew up in the suburbs and even spent my 5th grade year overseas. As soon as I could get away with it, I moved downtown and I have never looked back. I’ve been to many cities worldwide but there are few places other than Chicago that I can imagine making a permanent home.