Big Business News!

As you can see, I’ve been less than present here on my blog lately. I’ve been working very hard on a new venture, which is now finally taking shape (emerging, as it were):

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My husband and I are starting a new business, called Emerging Into Joy. It will encompass all of the workshops we have been teaching lately, private coaching sessions, and motivational speaking. With plenty of writing and adventure thrown in, too. It’s been in process since sometime in November and I spent what little free time I had in the weeks since putting together the website, social media, and business paperwork.

I try to spend as much time as possible distancing myself from my fears except to listen to the teachings that they offer. I must admit, though, that one of my bigger fears in all of this is that I’ll lose my own identity and voice as That Redhead apart from being involved in our joint venture. I believe that I have the power to decide whether or not that is true, so I’m trying to use that fear as a motivator to work harder and get more disciplined with my time management. That is not easy for me at all. I am not a slacker but I am a Creative and I need downtime to allow my brain to stretch and work on its many ideas. If I don’t have that time, my brain rebels and creates it, regardless of what else is going on. Which means that sometimes I “waste” time or procrastinate and pay for it later. I don’t always do the hardest or most important task first, but I’m learning. Bit by bit.

In any case, I leave tomorrow morning bright and VERY early for Orlando to continue the training on this path and to start teaching others who are where I was not even 6 months ago. It’s amazing how quickly everything has changed and come together, truly. True to form, I still have a bunch of things to finish up and packing to work on. So I better go do that… NOW.

But if you’d like, check out the new website. You can find out lots more there and find all our social media stuff, too.

Spill It!!